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Focus on Lawyer Benefits without required LPM Expertise

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Focus on Lawyer Benefits without required LPM Expertise Focus on Lawyer Benefits without required LPM Expertise

Legal Project Management

Increasing client pressures for efficiency on both hourly and non-hourly matters are rapidly having an effect on matter pricing and profits for law firms. This reality is reflected in increased demands for alternative fee arrangements. Of all the AFA alternatives, the increase in Fixed Fee trends has the most rapid acceleration. Many law firms report that fixed fee agreements make up nearly 50% of their annual revenue. There is little doubt that the legal industry is immersed in significant change. The category of Legal Project Management quickly emerged as a recognized solution to help lawyers respond and thrive in this time of change.

LPM Managed Services

You’re Lawyers; not Project Managers. As pioneers in LPM we learned that the commitment a firm must make to an LPM solution is not trivial and the most critical element of any successful LPM initiative is LAWYER IMMERSION & ADOPTION. With this in mind we set out to deliver a solution that significantly lowers the risk of LPM implementation and execution. We focused on a solution that would emulate the way lawyers work and practiced law, as well as complement any LPM decisions firms may have already made. We are proud to introduce LMS™ as the only full service, turn-key LPM solution where we take on the burdens of LPM management and you practice law via your lawyers’ existing processes, roles and behaviors.

Project Management Experience

ERM has over 60 years experience in project management. We have delivered solutions to some of the largest companies in the world. We are now bringing that project management expertise to the legal industry. ERM is dedicated to assisting law firms quickly and painlessly respond to the changes in the industry. Our history delivers on a fundamental business objective ……we increase the profits of the enterprise through increasing your efficiency.